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LET us, EVEN AT the cost of a certain repetition,
look a little more closely now into the fashion in
which the disruptive forces are manifesting
themselves    in    the    Western    and    Eastern
..'''              ' .    /         *
In the Old World the hypertrophy of armies is
most conspicuous, in America it was the hyper-
trophy of big business. But in both the necessity
for an increasing collective restraint upon unco-
ordinated over-powerful business or political
enterprise is more and more clearly recognised.
There is a. strong opposition on the part of great
interests in America to the President, who has
made himself the spear-head of the collectivising
drive ; they want to put the brake now on his
progressive socialisation of the nation, and quite
possibly, at the cost of increasing social friction,
they may slow down the drift to socialism very
considerably. But it is unbelievable that they
;    '   '   ; '.   .        '-.  7 - -.     :   .'   . - .;   ...